Experiential Event Marketing: Tips from Austin Event Planners

Experiential Event Marketing: Tips from Austin Event Planners

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Experiential events are a species all their own — rather than a simple celebration or functional gathering, they give guests an opportunity to interact with a brand’s products or services in an immediate and personal way. From hotel grand openings where guests can roam the grounds to product launches with hands-on activations, it’s important to follow these smart experiential event marketing tips, shared by the seasoned experts of Kennedy Creative Events and Kennedy DMC. Read on for some top-notch advice!

Experiential Event Marketing Tips from Austin Event Planners

Embrace the Moment

“The biggest question I ask myself when diving into the conception of an event is, “How do we want our guests to feel?” We spend a great deal of time focusing on the details and pushing the envelope because altogether, it makes a difference. People may not remember the direction of the linen lines on the tables at your event, or maybe even the color, but those things add up to an overall impression, and what people WILL remember is the way you made them feel. So, whether you’re behind the production or attending as a guest, approach each event with an openness that allows you to fully embrace the moment and raise the bar.” - Christina Chawana, Associate Director of Events

Know Your “Why”

“Understand your audience and plan the event as if you were a guest attending it. It’s critical to be able to explain why you picked the color palette you did, or describe why a guest would want to engage in the event activity you proposed. The “why” is so important to the success of the event — don’t ever overlook it in favor of other things.” -Lindsey Pecora, Senior Event Services Manager

Engage All Senses

“The best experiential events hit all the senses — taste, smell, sight, touch, sound, without ignoring anything. Taking a multisensory approach from the very beginning helps to ensure that every guest will walk away with greater odds of remembering the event months or years later. Envision what you want everything to taste like, sound like, smell like, look like and feel like, and weave all of it into the way attendees experience your brand.” -Molly Mulally, Senior Operations Manager

Extend Your Reach

“Create a genuinely experiential campaign, not just a one-time event. Don’t undervalue the role of social media in contributing to your event’s success through shareability. Use a hashtag and create ‘Instagrammable’ moments to spread your brand awareness not only to the customers at the event, but also to those online.” -Lerin Van Buren, Senior Account Manager

Honor the Brand

“Always consider experiential activations and experiences when planning a grand opening event. Event hosts certainly think about brand experience in their building or at, say, a SXSW activation, but your grand reveal should heavily rely on experiential approaches to introduce the brand to the community. For one particular grand opening we produced, everything we presented was regal and surreal, like the brand itself. For another client, the event we planned was fun, funky and youthful — again, echoing that brand’s ethos. Right now, we’re working on an event that will be quirky and unique, but rich with detail and a bit of romance, exactly like the brand’s personality. It’s critical to think outside the box to create a look, feel, mood and experience that’s both unlike anything else and exactly like the brand’s personality and message.” -Heather Niemeyer, Chief Operating Officer

Evoke an Emotional Response

With experiential events, consider the response you’re looking to evoke. Your ultimate goal is to elicit an immediate and emotional response that’s so impactful, it finds its way into each guest’s memory for the long haul. You’re not just giving them information or spending their time — you’re giving them something to connect with, ponder, and remember. Engage with them on an emotional level and invite them to recall that emotion long after the event has passed. It’s the best way to build familiarity, trust, and anticipation for what you’ll do next.” -Natalie Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer

Want a team of absolute pros in your corner for your next experiential event? Put Kennedy on the case and watch the magic happen.

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