Kennedy Rises to the Occasion with Corporate Event Activations

Kennedy Rises to the Occasion with Corporate Event Activations


Once upon a time, corporate events were tedious affairs with watered-down cocktails, maybe some music, and not much else. But that uninspired era was long, long, ago, and with each passing year comes a new wave of innovations and interactive experiences that take things to the next level. Today, the best corporate events engage all the senses and create long-lasting memories for those who attend well-produced launches, celebrations and conventions.

At Kennedy, we bring our A-game to every project we take on, and when it comes to putting the ‘wow’ into corporate event activations, we can keep it classic or bring all sorts of spectacle — whichever the occasion calls for. Here, take a peek at some of the ways we keep attendees on their toes, offering new ways to learn and interact and creating moments to remember in the process.

Live Cigar Rolling Lessons


A well-traveled, Cuban & Dominican-trained expert cigar roller will hand roll fresh cigars from scratch while educating guests about every aspect of the cigar-making process. For an added touch, we can custom order pre-rolled cigars to have on hand with your logo emblazoned on each.  The cigar roller’s final product is an inspiring blend of Cuban seed, Dominican-grown, long-leaf filler, molded into various ring gauges and lengths of your choosing. This activation gets people talking and offers insight into an age-old artisanal process. And to be honest, the leaves smell ahhhhh-mazing.

Expert Leather Goods Customization


Since 2006, renowned Austin-based leather artist Noah Marion has focused on untreated, natural vegetable-tanned leather, allowing clients to personally bring each piece to life. When working with Noah at an event activation, each participant will interact with their wallet, bag or belt differently, truly making it their own. Over time, each piece develops its own patina and character with repeated use, imprinting moments of the owner’s life into its grain for posterity. Noah’s handcrafted products are meant to get better the longer you own them, from wallets, belts and hats to leather-bound coffee mugs and keychains. Noah is one of the most beloved makers in Austin, and we can bring him straight to your event to create custom quality goods for — and with — your guests.

Chainsaw Art in Action


Griffon Ramsey is an American chainsaw carving artist known for her pop culture-inspired wood sculptures, which have appeared at the Australian Chainsaw Carving Championships and the Butler Chainsaw Carving Invitational. She’s been described as a world-famous artist with an edgy and bold style — a rock star of the art world and, incidentally, one of the few women in her particular niche. We can bring her to your event, staging a live piece of art in progress as onlookers marvel at her artistry (and, let’s be honest, her badassery, too).

Connoisseur-Led Bourbon Tastings


The perfect way to experience the diverse range of any classic liquor is, of course, with a proper tasting. To add flavor and depth to your event, we can bring in bourbon experts to offer their insights and share bits of history about this particular type of whiskey, using their knowledge to lead guests through the story of every sip. Perfect for a corporate event — or any party, really — this activation helps everyone loosen up a little, preparing the palate for a good time with a hint of spirited education to boot.

Stadium Fireworks Display


Choreographed to music (and color-coordinated, too!), a professional fireworks show will have guests in awe. As a turn-key display provided by a professional with permitting experience, insurance and every piece of pyrotechnical equipment possible, this show creates a massive impact with minimal planning on the client's side, lighting up the sky over the UT Austin stadium to the delight of everyone below.

Ready to kick your next event up a notch? Let Kennedy do the heavy lifting. Get in touch today and let’s talk possibilities.

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