How to Stay Under Budget on Your Branded Event in Austin

How to Stay Under Budget on Your Branded Event in Austin


Think back to the last great industry event you attended where something truly memorable happened, something innovative was announced to the world, or at the very least, you had a flat-out amazing time. How much do you think it cost? While it’s true that the best and brightest launch parties run at least five or six figures and some stretch even farther than that, the truth is, no brand — not even the most recognizable company you can think of — has an infinite amount of resources. Luckily, we’ve been planning and producing phenomenal events in the heart of the Lone Star State and beyond for almost two decades, and we’ve got some hat tricks to share. If you’re looking to plan a launch, celebration or some other kind of splash while keeping your line items in check, read on for tips on how to stay under budget on your next branded event in Austin.

Skip the circus

First up, some tough love. Hear this: If you’re planning a big to-do in the Live Music Capital of the World, the easiest way to stretch your dollars is to avoid hosting your event in the middle of South By Southwest.

“But everybody’s doing it!” the voice inside your head might be yelling. In point of fact, though, that’s not true. While hosting an event at SXSW certainly has its perks, it also has its drawbacks — budget considerations chief among them, and the tendency to get lost amid the noise isn’t too far behind. That’s not to say you can’t take advantage of the networking opportunities, competitive research and overall synergy the multi-festival offers — you can just have your team attend and spread out, making connections, gathering information and advancing your brand while saving you upwards of, oh, half a million dollars in the process. Skip the temptation to blow your annual marketing spend on the “[YOUR BRAND HERE] House” and you just might thank yourself.

Patio season — that is to say, anytime in the spring or fall — is the perfect time for an al fresco event, taking advantage of the beauty of the big Texas sky above a late-night bash under the stars or an afternoon experiential event where guests can wander around a spacious indoor/outdoor venue, lingering over your brand activations with drinks in hand.

Or if you’re planning to host an indoor event, there’s no reason not to enjoy the deep venue discounts you’ll encounter in the off-season, when the temperatures outside are blazing but your event’s at a cool 72 degrees thanks to the power of a little invention called air conditioning. All in all, skipping the price gouges of March will free up a tremendous amount of money for you to allocate elsewhere, either making it a bigger, bolder event than ever, or spending it on a complementary marketing campaign to drive your message home even further (while driving your profits up).

Hire a pro

There’s nothing wiser than hiring a true team of professionals to plan and produce your event, whether it’s an event planning agency or a DMC (i.e., a destination management company, which doesn’t just plan and produce your event, but also handles the extras involved with bringing in lots of out-of-town guests, like transportation, lodging and more). When you’ve got event professionals in your corner, you’ve reduced what would have been an out-of-control to-do list keeping you up at night to just one lifesaving point of contact handling all your vendors, contracts, concepts and details.

Not only will they give you access to the best of everything in town and save you from working with subpar vendors, they’ll also keep your brand safe from liability, unexpected expenses and a host of other budget-draining considerations that might have otherwise derailed your plans.

Rest easy

A particularly great choice for brands whose leaders don’t want to lose any sleep or sanity because an event budget derails itself after the train leaves the station and there’s nothing left to do but pay, a respected event planning agency or DMC knows the ins and outs of everything events-related, as well as how to keep it all under control. They’ll only partner with legitimate, reliable venues and vendors, keeping you from ever getting swindled or sold a false bill of goods, and they’ll keep your brand safe from expensive litigation if something goes awry along the way. Hosting a branded event in Austin (or anywhere, for that matter) carries with it a host of considerations best left to someone who can handle them without missing a beat.

Not only does a respected partner save you all kinds of hidden expenses; they’ll also give you peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that.

Want to partner up with the best team in town on your next big event? Link arms with the Kennedy crew and we’ll help you nail it every step of the way. 

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