Kennedy Creative Events Team Spotlight: Jade Branson, Account + Marketing Coordinator

Kennedy Creative Events Team Spotlight: Jade Branson, Account + Marketing Coordinator


Jade Branson is one of the latest forces of nature to join the Kennedy Creative Events team, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Her interest in the hospitality and events industries has always been evident: she got her start in a JW Marriott restaurant, served as a volunteer at Circuit of the Americas and went to school for meeting and event planning. After working as an independent contractor handling onsite event management projects around Austin, the 2017 ILEA Rising Star nominee joined the Kennedy team as an account and marketing coordinator — a role that requires her to be in multiple places at once, and somehow, she shapeshifts on command and makes it all happen like magic.

From social media management to CRM upkeep and new business development, Jade’s creativity and drive keep multiple plates spinning as she supports our creative director and helps to grow our brand.  Hailing from New Mexico, Jade spends her free time enjoying live music, Zilker dates with her pup and running Town Lake. Her favorite part of living in Austin is the food. Read on to learn about one of the newest powerhouses in our team of total pros.

How did you become interested in the events industry?

I was originally interested in the music festival world. I went to Lollapalooza a while back and thought it was amazing how people put something of that magnitude together. I’ve also been to Coachella, and of course ACL and I just knew that I wanted to be behind the scenes of something amazing. Once I did research, I discovered the DMC world and now I really enjoy corporate events. The bigger the budget, the more fun it is. I’ve always been big into planning in general. I’m an extremely organized person so it comes to no surprise when I tell my friends/family that I work in this industry.

What led you to Austin, and how did you first learn about Kennedy?

I have some family here that convinced me to take the leap a few years ago. I’m from a very small town, so I was ready to try somewhere new. No surprise that I loved it when I came to visit. I discovered Kennedy after joining ILEA and was very impressed by their work.

What does your day-to-day agenda look like as an account & marketing coordinator? 

This one is definitely a tough one to answer because I work directly under someone who wears so many hats. My days are definitely different and busy every day, which I really do enjoy. I get to dip my toes in sales, marketing and design at Kennedy.

What, for you, are the traits or trademarks of great event production? 

Staying calm is definitely a big one. I think that if you let every little thing that goes wrong, or just isn’t what you expected, get to you, you will go insane. An obvious one is having good communication. The more you communicate beforehand and make sure that everyone is on the same page, the less problems you will probably run into on the day of.

What’s your favorite district or neighborhood in the city? 

I’m a little biased because I live in South Austin, but it is definitely the best part of Austin. I really enjoy heading over to the east side as well, there’s something new popping up over there all the time and it has a good vibe.

What’s your favorite part of working at Kennedy?

Kennedy is an amazing company and I’m honored to be apart of the team. The best part about working here is definitely the people that I work with. Not only is everyone hard working, but when we get together it is always a good time.  

Want Jade and co. in your corner for your next event? Drop the Kennedy team a line and let’s talk possibilities. 

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