Kennedy Team Spotlight: Lerin Van Buren, Account Manager


From Nutrition to Event Planning

Lerin Van Buren started out her event planning career through a much different route than most. She graduated from Texas A&M majoring in Nutrition Science. Surprisingly enough, her major is what sparked her interest in event planning. Lerin worked for a nonprofit planning events in educating the general public about health and nutrition. Once she touched the surface of event planning through her first job, she wanted to dig deeper into the new passion she found.

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Lerin is one of our very skilled account managers. As an account manager at Kennedy, she is responsible for building client relationships, communicating and guiding clients through the proposal process and providing guidance on how to make their event as successful as possible. Lerin has been a part of some really amazing, large-scale events, but she says her biggest accomplishment thus far in her careers is simply learning the intricacies of the entire event planning process and grasping all aspects of such a complex industry!


Lerin is originally from Alvin, Texas and even though she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico for bit of time, she eventually found her way back to Texas. (We’re so glad she did, otherwise she wouldn’t be here at Kennedy!) She ended up in the good ol’ capital of the great state of Texas because of an internship she had once she graduated college. She loved it so much that she decided she’d stick around! Her favorite hot spot in Austin is the newly developed Lamar Union. They have a Juice Society and Resolute Fitness: Cycling and Yoga place that she really enjoys. When Lerin isn’t hanging out at her local favorites, she’s kayaking or running on Lady Bird Lake with her husband!


Kennedy Family

Here at Kennedy, we take great pride in being such a unique and driven team! This is actually one of the many reasons why Lerin enjoys her job so much. Lerin described the Kennedy team as “more like a family than a company.” Her favorite thing about working at Kennedy is “being able to do what she loves next to people she can call friends.” Doesn’t sound like a bad gig to us!

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