Kennedy Team Spotlight: Sam Rhodes, Accounting & Office Manager

Kennedy Team Spotlight: Sam Rhodes, Accounting & Office Manager

Sam Rhodes started her career in accounting almost 20 years ago; let’s just say she has a lot of experience and we’re lucky to have her on our team! As a graduate from the University of Texas, Sam is familiar with the city of Austin and adores living here. She has done her fair share of  moving around Texas, previously living in big cities like Dallas and Houston. Sam has always been interested in the realm of finance – and accounting was the path she decided to go down after graduating college. She’s been with it ever since!

Busy, Busy, Busy

You can always find Sam staying busy in the office; she juggles several different jobs and there’s no doubt she’s a pro at them all. Her job consists of managing accounts payable, which is paying vendors, and accounts receivable, which is collecting payments from clients. She’s in charge of event budget reviews, financial statement preparation, and office management like maintaining the general office area and the overall setup of the Kennedy office space… Whew that’s a mouthful! Out of everything she does here at Kennedy, Sam enjoys financial reporting and analysis the most (that makes one of us!)

When it comes to interacting with the Kennedy Team, Sam works closely with our amazing event planners and producers to approve client budgets. Typically our event producers put together an IQ (internal quote) for Sam and she then reviews and approved the quote. Basically…she’s a boss at wearing different hats, switching back and forth between tasks throughout the day.

Working as a Team

Sam believes that her job is enjoyable for many reasons, but working hand in hand with co-workers she can always rely on is definitely number one. Sam thinks that the Kennedy team is successful because “everyone leans on each other very well, and you can depend on each person to get their job done.” And everyone on the Kennedy team will say the same about you, Sam!

Hobbies and Austin Faves

Something cool about Sam? She used to own a food truck here in the good ole city of Austin! The truck was originally set up as a lunch delivery business downtown and then eventually moved into a food trailer on South 1st Street. The food truck supplied customers with delicious southern comfort food! Now that the food truck is sold, Sam still has fun in the kitchen at home and loves cooking!

When she’s not in the office, you can find Sam at almost any outdoor concert Austin has to offer – like Blues on The Green, for example. Another creative outlet of hers is jewelry making, “It’s an enjoyable and relaxing pastime for me,” Sam noted. Sam sometimes sells her jewelry on the e-commerce artisan site Etsy. She’s clearly a lady of many different talents!

Kennedy Love
Each Kennedy team member does a different job, but at the end of the day we’re all connected together through where we work and how much we love what we do! We’re constantly growing as a company and we’re lucky to have people like Sam to help us continue to flourish.

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