Kennedy Team Spotlight: Kaitlyn Lamm, Account Manager & Conceptual Designer


We love bragging on our exemplary colleagues and their accomplishments, which is precisely why our Kennedy Team Spotlight series shines a spotlight on each and every amazing member of the Kennedy crew. Our latest installment focuses on Kaitlyn Lamm, account manager and conceptual designer extraordinaire.

Devoted Kennedy Team Member

Kaitlyn’s clients describe her as a “bright, creative and incredibly hard worker” and we don’t disagree! Her passion for the events industry is evident as she’s created unforgettable experiences at Kennedy for the past three years. Kennedy’s fast-paced environment is what Kaitlyn says she loves the most about her job–and, of course, all of the amazing friends she’s made along the way. Her position requires her to think on her toes and outside of the box since each client is different than the last.

A Wild Imagination

Kaitlyn has measurably grown since the start of her journey at Kennedy, especially in the creative realm. She’s now able to juggle perspectives, thinking about things from a position of brand alignment, marketing strategy and cost value all at once. Her creative itch was always present, but once she began working with a broad range of experiential clients, she was really able to hone her skills and channel her creative energy into exemplary experiences. Her confidence in design and sales has only grown from there, and she never says no to a project if it’s an opportunity to use her wild, wonderful imagination.

Trust Between Kennedy and Brands

A career like Kaitlyn’s offers much to be proud of. She says her most gratifying moments at Kennedy have been found while she’s executing Fortune 500 brand initiatives. She’s been able to push brands’ boundaries on their marketing guidelines, making their events more aligned with the look and feel of Austin. Pairing her imaginative capacity with her ability to directly address each client’s needs and wants, she earns trust and respect from esteemed global companies, which in turn allows her even greater creative flexibility as those relationships build upon themselves.


All Things Austin

Kaitlyn is the expert of all things Austin; she knows all the best happy hours, boutiques and restaurants around town. (Speaking of happy hours, her favorites around town are at June’s, La Condesa and Ah Sing Den. After you’ve enjoyed a specialty cocktail or two, Kaitlyn suggests you hop on over to Lambert’s for the most stylish and delicious BBQ you’ll ever see/eat. While you’re at it, she also recommends visiting the Texas Capitol to see one of Austin’s most architecturally interesting buildings.) When Kaitlyn’s not on the clock, she’s almost certainly checking out new bars and restaurants, visiting museums and seeing movies with her boyfriend. We couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.

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