Kennedy Team Spotlight: Lindsey Pecora, Event Designer

Kennedy Team Spotlight: Lindsey Pecora, Event Designer


From Roll Tide to Hook ‘Em Horns

Say “hello” to our Event Designer, Lindsey Pecora! She comes to us from Alabama, graduating from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Public Relations. Knowing she wanted to be in the creative industry, Lindsey packed her bags and moved 11 hours away to one of the most creative cities in the country: Austin, Texas. Along with trying to fulfill her creative itch, Lindsey was looking for a fresh start in a city where she knew no one. Luckily for us, this talented lady ended up at Kennedy! Lindsey’s post-grad life adventure began as she ended up starting out at Kennedy as a Public Relations and Social Media Intern.

Budgets, Designs and Everything In-Between

After just a few short months of interning, Lindsey quickly began climbing the ladder to her new career. Her next position at Kennedy was the Marketing and Design Coordinator, which then led her to her current position as an Event Designer. The longer she stayed at Kennedy and became more exposed to events, the more she realized that her passion was in event design. In a nutshell, her job requires her to create conceptual designs, manage her clients’ budgets. (That barely suffices as a description of how amazing she is at doing her job!) The one thing Lindsey has learned to be the most challenging part of her job is that event design can actually be very restricting. There will be times where she wants to get really creative, but her budget won’t always allow for it. On the flip side, she always has to make sure each proposal is different than the last because every client is different. No proposal can be used twice in the sense that they each have to be completely tailored to each client’s brand and program needs.

Hanging Out in Austin

When Lindsey isn’t working, you can typically find her curled up reading a good book in her SoCo apartment or at the Austin Public Library. Even though she loves hitting up the bars in downtown Austin, sometimes she can’t find her inner-introvert and just hang out at home. She’s also really big on cooking which plays into her low-key obsession with trying to find a good cheese board around Austin. She loves to be outside, too, whether it means playing on her kickball league or hanging out at Barton Springs. Some of her favorite places to wine and dine are at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Launderette, Josephine House and Odd Duck.


Learning at Kennedy

Lindsey has learned so much about design since working at Kennedy, and after a couple years at Kennedy, we have watched her absolutely kill it as an event designer. We’re so proud of her! The biggest key Lindsey has learned while working at Kennedy is that the design world is very collaborative. There is never something that only touches one person’s hand. It takes a lot of different minds and exposing yourself to a lot of people and things.

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